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Our organization known as “We Are Navajo” focuses to provide information and support to individuals on the Navajo Nation, in addition to 550+ Native American tribes. Our communities face many barriers including poverty at a rate of 43%, more than a third of our population live without electricity, paved roads, cell phone service, landlines, safe housing or other essentials of modern life. Therefore, We Are Navajo provides hopeful, inspiring and welcoming space for mind, body and spiritual growth. Our goal is to empower our community by focusing on their overall well-being.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, especially families in our rural communities.

We Are Navajo is requesting for your assistance to provide winter coats and gloves to as many Utah Navajo families as possible. We have made a wish list on Amazon of gifts we would like to distribute to our Utah Navajos we service. We have chosen Amazon because we are able to have the gifts sent directly to us for distribution. 

100% of your monetary donations will allow our efforts to go further and reach families of young children, disabled  individuals. Your support is crucial to assist families during this time of need.  

We Are Navajo is a program within Utah Navajo Health System, Inc. are dedicated to being transparent and accountable with all our financial donations and documentation. We are a recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit charitable organization with the IRS, which means your donation to us qualifies as tax deductible.

EIN: 87-0560763

If you prefer to mail items:
We Are Navajo
PO BOX 130
Montezuma Creek, UT 84534
Questions Contact: 435-651-3803 or email:

Amazon Wishlist:

Currently due to COVID-19 restrictions we are only accepting NEW/ unused items

Ahéhee’ (Thank you) in advance for your contributions.

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