Community Wellness Specialist

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Community Wellness Specialist

Company/Organization: Utah Navajo Health System

Location: Montezuma Creek, Monument Valley, UT


Status: Full Time

Benefits: Full-Time position: PTO, Vacation, Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, 403(b) plan
Wage depends on experience

Job Description:


We know there is someone out there that will make an excellent addition to our team. Someone who gets along well with others, is thorough and efficient, can follow company procedures, is able to multi-task and has amazing customer service. Our clinic is a dynamic place to work, practice, and grow. We have 4 primary care health centers and deliver integrated services including Medical, Behavioral Health, Pharmacy, Dental, Optometry, specialty referrals, chronic disease management, health education, and much, much more.
  • Location: Monument Valley, UT & Montezuma Creek, UT
  • Full-time Benefits include: Full health insurance, 5% of gross to a 403b retirement account, life insurance, Vacation leave, PTO leave, Holiday pay, Short/Long term disability, wellness benefit
  • Wage depends on experience
  • Life of the position: 2 Years, Grant funded
Provide support and assistance to the community to empower and educate participants engage in their own health and wellness. Promote and develop community relationships within the four corners states and abroad.

Critical Tasks:

  1. Plans, develops, coordinates and evaluates a comprehensive community wellness program directed toward reducing health risks and improving health status; Develops and maintains links with community providers of wellness services and coordinates delivery of services to participants.
  2. Heightens the awareness of the factors that can affect health and longevity, encouraging participants to take increased responsibility for their own health behaviors.
  3. Coordinates activities with community agencies and department teams; engages through email, internal media, social media, and in person events (health fairs, walk/run, tables, etc.)
  4. Develops and maintains partnerships with external agencies and resources.
  5. Coordinates offering of educational health presentations and training programs; Well-being related activities to include biometric health screenings and coaching, planning, and nutrition programs along with health assessment evaluation.
  6. Develops promotion and publicity plans for the wellness program throughout the community.
  7. Prepares news releases and articles on health topics and develops information for newsletters and other publications.
  8. Coordinates health fairs, health screenings and various health-related workshops.
  9. Compiles statistical summaries of participant and wellness champion activity data, class attendance, and equipment inventories to ensure proper detailed program evaluation.
  10. Assists participants to complete health assessment plans to determine health and wellness needs.
  11. Assembles data from a variety of sources for use in assessment and planning of health education and wellness programs.
  12. Conducts surveys as needed; and consults with community agencies, advisory groups, task forces, and the medical community to coordinate, advise, and advance public health education program purposes and practices.
  13. Serves on various committees as requested.
  14. Analyze, interpret, and report research findings and recommendations.
  15. Ensures the timely completion of assigned projects; performs all other related duties.
  16. Determines techniques and procedures for the improvement of health education activities.
  17. Provides data for long-term planning for the Community Wellness Program.
  18. Perform other duties as assigned.
  19. Use the Navajo Wellness Model to teach participants about spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health.

Key Performance Indicators:

  1. Conduct annual participant surveys to determine the value of the community wellness program and use the previous year’s survey results as the benchmark.
  2. Monitor health and wellness trends to determine the cause and effect of the wellness program and ongoing promotion of wellness in the community.
  3. Community Engagement: continue to engage with the community within our healthcare provisions, distribute evaluation forms, and measure feedback.
  4. Health Impact: show effectiveness of the wellness program on the physical health, mental/emotional health, health behaviors, health status, and overall risk status of a workforce.
  5. Participation: measure overall program participation in percentage of people who are eligible for a specific program (based on health status) and how many enroll, and the degree to which they participate.
  6. Satisfaction: report satisfaction with the wellness program and recommendation for specific ways to capture this measurement.
  7. Community Support: which it encompasses the degree to which an organization commits to participant health, including the deliberate steps it takes to support health (i.e. programs, policies, and procedures), cultural support for employee participation in health improvement and management participation and support.
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree preferred. However, a high school diploma or equivalent with several years of experience in health promotion, recreational/sport activities, pod casting, public speaking with behavioral health or wellness programs.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • Ability to think critically and use strong analytical skills;
  • Expert knowledge of public health core functions and public health processes (assessment, develop, and evaluate), and familiarity with current public health topics;
  • Previous experience and skill to develop and organize educational and publicity materials; social media, podcasts, digital recording devices, etc.
  • Ability to work independently or in a team environment;
  • Ability to work harmoniously with both internal and external stakeholders
  • Hold themselves accountable
  • Committed to be a team player
  • Optimistic and Fun oriented
  • Active Listener and problem solver
  • Inspires others to believe in themselves by helping others reach their full potential
  • Create a virtual platform for a safe and fun engaging atmosphere/platform for the community


  • Have current and valid driver’s license and be able to meet the organization’s driver insurability requirements.
  • Successfully pass a criminal background check and drug and alcohol screening.

UNHS would not be able to achieve our goal of quality equitable healthcare for people living in Southeastern Utah without our committed and competent staff. UNHS continually attracts the most devoted healthcare professionals and administrators this region has to offer. We offer the opportunity to work with a dynamic team providing care to medically under-served communities. UNHS hires in accordance with NPEA and EEOC standards.

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