Health Information Management Specialist - Full Time

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Health Information Management Specialist - Full Time

Company/Organization: Utah Navajo Health System

Location: Blanding Family Practice


Status: Full Time

Benefits: No benefits, temporary position

Job Description:


We know there is someone out there that will make an excellent addition to our team. Someone who gets along well with others, is thorough and efficient, can follow company procedures, is able to multi-task and has amazing customer service. Our clinic is a dynamic place to work, practice, and grow. We have 4 primary care health centers and deliver integrated services including Medical, Behavioral Health, Pharmacy, Dental, Optometry, specialty referrals, chronic disease management, health education, and much, much more.
  • Location: Blanding, UT
  • Full-time Benefits include: Full health insurance, 5% of gross to a 403b retirement account, life insurance, Vacation leave, PTO leave, Holiday pay, Short/Long term disability, wellness benefit
  • Wage depends on experience

Critical Tasks:

  1. Communicate and work with health care staff, billing, IT, IS, and other departments to manage, retain, retrieve and disperse health care information.
  2. Communicate and work with patients and outside agencies to ensure health information accuracy and appropriate information sharing.
  3. Collect and analyze patient data, use classification systems and medical terminologies.
  4. Possess comprehensive knowledge of state and federal HIPAA legal requirements and standards related to healthcare delivery and privacy of patient's protected health information.
  5. Work specific with UNHS medical staff and outside providers to retrieve, share, and store patient reports and other health care information.
  6. Operate computer programs including but not limited to an electronic health record; to process, store, and retrieve patient health information from both internal and external sources.
  7. Maintain and utilize a variety of health record indexes, storage, and collection in order to analyze, file, and retrieve patient health information.
  8. Assist and or train as needed other employees in medical records processing.
  9. Any other tasks, projects, or duties that are requested by the Employee's supervisor or other UNHS management or administration that is all reasonably related to UNHS and/or the Employee's employment with UNHS.
  1. Professionalism and accuracy when working with health care staff, billing, IT, IS, and other departments relating to patient health information.
  2. Professionalism and accuracy when working with the patient, other agencies, or the public to discuss and disperse patient health information.
  3. Know basic medical terminology and label patient information so it can be identified and easily retrieved.
  4. Follow HIPAA regulations in all interactions with patients, co-workers and outside agencies.
  5. Organized system and open communication with medical staff for tracking and completing patient referrals.
  6. Maintain computer skills in managing the patient EMR.
  7. Understand how to access and retrieve electronic forms of historical patient information that is not in the EMR.
  8. Be available and able to communicate to be a resource to help others learn how to best utilize the EMR.
  9. Understand and demonstrate being a team member when requested to help other company departments or as part of special events.


  • A high school diploma or equivalent.

UNHS would not be able to achieve our goal of quality equitable healthcare for people living in Southeastern Utah without our committed and competent staff. UNHS continually attracts the most devoted healthcare professionals and administrators this region has to offer. We offer the opportunity to work with a dynamic team providing care to medically under-served communities. UNHS hires in accordance with NPEA and EEOC standards.

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