Housekeeper- full time

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Housekeeper- Full Time

Company/Organization: Utah Navajo Health System

Location: Blanding Family Practice, Montezuma Creek


Salary: DOE

Status: Full Time

Benefits: Full Time Benefits: Retirement plan, Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, PTO, Vacation, Paid Holidays

Job Description:


We know there is someone out there that will make an excellent addition to our team. Someone who gets along well with others, is thorough and efficient, can follow company procedures, is able to multi-task and has amazing customer service. Our clinic is a dynamic place to work, practice, and grow. We have 4 primary care health centers and deliver integrated services including Medical, Behavioral Health, Pharmacy, Dental, Optometry, specialty referrals, chronic disease management, health education, and much, much more.
  • Location: Montezuma Creek, UT, Blanding, Utah
  • Full-time Benefits include: Full health insurance, 5% of gross to a 403b retirement account, life insurance, Vacation leave, PTO leave, Holiday pay, Short/Long term disability, wellness benefit
  • Wage depends on experience

1. Ensure cleanliness of clinic by using equipment (vacuum cleaner, mop/bucket, floor cleaners, rug cleaners, etc.) and cleaning chemicals (disinfectants, cleaners, sanitizers, etc.) by following a provided Cleaning Checklist;

*Areas to be cleaned daily – Front Lobby, Screening Rooms, Exam Rooms, Treatment Rooms, Providers’ Offices, Staff Lounge, Restrooms (public, patient and employee), Hallways, Dental (Reception and Exam areas), Administrative areas (offices, restrooms, kitchens, and storages)

2. Empties and relines trash receptacles. Cleans trash receptacles on a weekly basis;

3. Sweep and mop, dust mop and/or vacuum floors in all areas; periodically strips or scrubs and waxes floors or shampoos carpeted areas;

4. Moves equipment and/or furniture (chairs, exam tables, moveable cabinets, etc.) for thorough cleaning of facility;

5. Sanitize, clean and/or polish all hard and washable surfaces (counters, table tops, toys, etc.), chair arms, telephones, etc.) except in areas where Nursing staff is responsible for cleaning or otherwise instructed;

6. Inspect and clean all windows, door panels, window sills, walls, ceiling, woodwork and notify Maintenance for service, if needed;

7. Ensure adequate supply of paper and liquid products (bathroom tissue, paper towels, liquid soap, air freshener, Kleenex, etc.) in all areas; monitors and replenishes supplies on a periodic basis;

8. Cleans, maintains and rotates rugs (interior and exterior) for facility, and/or routes to Montezuma Creek Clinic for cleaning on a periodic basis;

9. Washes linens (sheets, gowns, etc.), cleaning rags, etc. on a daily basis, when a washing machine is available and/or routes to Montezuma Creek Clinic for cleaning on a periodic basis;

10. Maintains an adequate inventory of cleaning chemicals and/or paper products and notifies supervisor and provides a supply requisition when in short supply;

11. Assist and notify Nursing Staff with Sharps containers and/or Bio-Hazardous materials; and walks materials to Bio-Hazard Cage;

12. Maintains and cleans all cleaning equipment after each use and reports need for repairs or replacement to supervisor;

13. Ensure heating and air conditioner is operating within normal parameters and notify Maintenance for service, if needed.

14. Ensure all fixtures in clinical and administrative sections are in working order; light switches, faucets, air fresheners, commodes, vents, etc. and notify Maintenance for service, if needed;

15. Uses all applicable company forms in the course of employment; leave forms, supply requisition, etc.

16. Any other tasks, projects, or duties that are requested by the Employee’s supervisor or other UNHS management or administration that is at all reasonably related to UNHS and/or the Employee’s employment with UNHS.

UNHS would not be able to achieve our goal of quality equitable healthcare for people living in Southeastern Utah without our committed and competent staff. UNHS continually attracts the most devoted healthcare professionals and administrators this region has to offer. We offer the opportunity to work with a dynamic team providing care to medically under-served communities. UNHS hires in accordance with NPEA and EEOC standards.


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