Medical Assistant -PartTime

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Medical Assistant-Part Time

Company/Organization: Utah Navajo Health System

Location: Blanding Family Practice


Salary: DOE

Status: Part Time

Benefits: PTO, Holiday Pay

Job Description:


We are looking for a Medical Assistant to work in our Community Health Center in Southeastern Utah. Our clinic is a dynamic place to work, practice, and grow. We have 4 primary care health centers and deliver integrated services including behavioral health, Pharmacy, Dental, specialty referrals, chronic disease management, health education, and much, much more. UNHS will be hiring 1 Part-time position. The candidates will have experience working experience in one or more of the following: Screening patients and assisting a medical team. Guiding patients through healthcare processes.

Location: Blanding, Utah

Benefits: PTO, Holiday Pay

Critical Tasks:

1) Perform nursing assessment and identify pertinent information to verbalize to provider

2) Review and implement primary care provider orders

3) Participate in ongoing education and training

4) Educate patient regarding their healthcare and the healthcare system for patient/family to effectively care for patient

5) Reduce the risk of infections

6) Safely administer medications

7) Perform nursing evaluation and follow-up with patient for continued comprehensive care

8) Accept delegated tasks when necessary according to Utah Nurse Practice Act

Key Performance Indicators:

1) Interview patient to determine medical problem/condition

2) Address patient telephone inquiries by evaluating and responding to the patient's problems and questions.

3) Observe patient(s) and report adverse reactions to medication or treatment to provider.

4) Obtain patient's vital signs, pain level and weight.

5) Screen patient for depression, changes in tobacco use, caffeine use, diet, health literacy level, preferred method of learning, and medication allergies.

6) Collects samples, such as urine, blood, and sputum, from patients for testing and follow-up needs with patient.

7) Dress wounds, apply hot or cold compresses as ordered.

8) Assemble and use oxygen supplies

9) Order diagnostic procedures and labs as directed by primary care provider with verbal order read back

10) Maintain Basic Life Support certification at all times

11) Attend mandatory monthly meetings

12) Locate and attend meetings, online webinars, conferences and training that emphasize your role/responsibilities

13) Locate articles and stay up to date on latest evidence based practice regarding your role/responsibilities

14) Complete yearly competencies as assigned by supervisor

15) Educate patients about immunizations verbally, and give written Vaccine Information Sheet (VIS)

16) Educate patient about healthcare system, what to expect, how to prepare, and be self-empowered

17) Educate patient about medication side-effects, disease, comorbidities, family planning and wellness

18) Maintain proper hand-hygiene

19) Use personal protective equipment (PPE) according to Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) recommendations

20) Perform low-level disinfection of medical equipment, devices and supplies

21) Properly sterilize equipment and supplies.

22) Maintain supplies, including stocking and ordering new supplies

23) Properly dispose of expired or damaged supplies, medical equipment and devices.

24) Administer medications as prescribed, orally, subcutaneous, or intramuscular injection, and document time and amount on patient’s chart.

25) Update patients on their immunization schedule according to CDC recommendations

26) Remove all expired medication/injectable and products in crash cart and place order with administrator or pharmacist for replacement

27) Write prescriptions at providers request with verbal read-back of order

28) Assist patient with scheduling appointments

29) Follow up with patients who miss appointments

30) Follow up with patients on lab results, including the scheduling of any additional tests

31) Write referrals with verbal read back of order for patients through insurance and other physician offices and follow-up.

32) Confirm medical records are available in patient chart before follow-up appointments

33) Ensure that a delegated task you receive is not complex, you understand the task, and you are adequately trained for the task before accepting the task

34) Ensure that you have effectively completed a delegated task at least once before with confidence and that you can perform the activity correctly

35) Ensure that you can perform a delegated task safely and patient is safe for you to carry out the task

36) Ensure appropriate supervision by delegator is available during implementation of a delegated task

37) Seek clarification and request additional training and guidance as needed for delegated tasks you receive

38) Report care results to delegator in a timely manner upon reception of a delegated task


1) Document patient assessment in patient’s health record prior to patient scheduled appointment or walk-in time slot with provider. Document with red-ink on patient super-bill to identify changes or abnormal vital signs if provider or patient’s nurse is unavailable.

2) Document patient orders with verbal order read back (VORB) to provider or standing orders (SO) within a 24 hour time frame of patient’s visit.

3) Document nursing interventions, evaluations, and notification to patient provider to patient’s health record within a 24 hour time frame of patient’s visit.

4) Document patient/family and healthcare team communication regarding appointments, labs, referrals, and medical records, including faxed/requested items, in patient’s health record within a 24 hour time frame of patient/family and healthcare team communication.

5) Maintain record of certifications and trainings obtained within a calendar year

6) Document assigned room cleaning and expired supply removal and return document to your supervisor on a monthly basis

7) Schedule and hold monthly or quarterly rounding meeting with your direct supervisor


Experience, Training, and Qualifications needed to perform the job:

  • One year certificate from an accredited college or university
  • Certification or registration within state of Utah
  • Must be able to safely lift, push and pull fifty (50) pounds or more above waist


  • Must possess a valid driver’s license
  • Must successfully pass a criminal background check
  • Must obtain and maintain First Aid/Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification
  • Must receive annual inoculation of flu vaccine
  • Must receive annual tuberculin skin test

UNHS would not be able to achieve our goal of quality equitable healthcare for people living in southeastern Utah without our committed and competent staff. UNHS continually attracts the most devoted healthcare professionals and administrators this region has to offer. We offer the opportunity to work with a dynamic team providing care to medically underserved communities. UNHS hires in accordance with NPEA and EEOC standards.



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