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How Can We Help?

Behavioral Health services are part of Utah Navajo Health System and our offices are located in the medical clinics at Montezuma Creek, Monument Valley, Navajo Mountain, and Blanding. We also provide services directly to the Four Corners Nursing Home in Blanding, as well as local grade schools and high schools in Montezuma Creek, Monument Valley, Aneth, and Navajo Mountain.

We maintain confidentiality while we work closely with your primary care doctor and often you can be seen by behavioral health the same day you call in or almost always within the same week. Our clinics are a safe environment where we focus on a holistic approach including your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Our services include counseling and therapy, traditional practitioner, APRN for prescribing, child and adult psychiatry via tele-medicine, supported education, wrap around services for children, case management, victim’s advocate for victims of crime, classes and group therapy for recovery from addictions, Prime for Life DUI courses, ADHD assessment for children, and crisis intervention.

Our mission is to help people of all ages who are experiencing or who have experienced difficult problems that they cannot manage. People who have trauma, anxiety, depression, marital or other relationship problems, parent and child problems, chronic medical conditions, addictions, thoughts of suicide, grief, or who are victims of physical, sexual and or emotional abuse.

We believe that there is hope – you are not alone

Community involvement is crucial in promoting wellness. We try to outreach to the community for both their needs and their support particularly for the elderly and the disabled and make ourselves available to give talks and participate in community discussions.

We are members of the Utah State Zero Suicide Coalition for San Juan County as well as the San Juan County Prevention Coalition. We provide outreach to families who have suffered loss of a family member and to those who are concerned about a loved one. In addition we provide Critical Incident Stress Management debriefings to EMS personnel and teach ASIST and Safe Talk courses to train community members on how to intervene and help prevent suicide.

The We Are Navajo website will be a place where we can inform and connect the San Juan community with resources as well as providing a community calendar of events. Additionally our goal is to cover hundreds of health care topics including behavioral health conditions while including Navajo heritage insights through traditional Navajo teachings and medicines.

Contact the front desk at any of our UNHS clinics to set up an appointment without a referral or if you choose your Dr. would be happy to make a referral and connect you with us. 

Services offered

Individual Counseling
  • Depression/ Sadness
  • Anxiety/ Fear
  • Grief
  • Alcohol or Drugs Education
  • Emotional Problems
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management
  • Co-Dependency
  • Medication Evaluation
  • Diagnosis
  • Crisis assessment
  • Thoughts of Suicide
  • Tele-Psychiatry
  • Addiction Medication
Family Counseling
  • Marital Conflicts
  • Family Problems
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Child and Parent Problems
  • Crisis Intervention
Group Counseling
  • Substance Abuse Education/ Healthy Relationships
  • Parent Support Group
  • Peer Support Group Counseling
Other Services
  • Counseling for Children and Teenagers
  • Relationship Problems
  • Parent Problems
  • Substance Abuse Prevention Education
  • Depression
  • Anxiety/ Stress
  • Physical or Sexual Abuse
  • Crisis Intervention
  • School Prevention Groups
  • Victims of Crime
  • Struggling with Addictions
In Addition
  • Referral to other agencies when needed
  • Consultation services to other agencies, including Medical Facilities, School, Law Enforcement, Social Services, Substance Abuse Programs and others that may need our assistance
  • Educational Services to Organizations
  • Referral to other sources of information that the client would request
  • Prevention Services
  • Suicide Prevention Training's
  • Safetalk
  • Substance Abuse
  • Sexual Violence Prevention
Treatment and Intervention
  • Adult and Pediatric Tele-psychiatrist MDs- University of Utah
  • Therapy- Individual , family, couples, group
  • Crises response teams (phone &text numbers, all staff trained ASIST, San Juan Counseling)
  • Prime for Life-DUI class
  • Prime solutions
  • Clinic, outreach, home visits
  • Integrated health care- primary and behavioral health
School based services
  • Regular scheduled and crises response to
  • Aneth Community BIE
  • Montezuma Creek Elementary
  • Whitehorse High School
  • Monument Valley Elementary
  • Monument Valley High School
  • Navajo Mountain Schools
Traditional Consultation
  • Traditional Practitioner
  • Cultural Assessment
  • Provide traditional assessment
  • Provide minor ceremony
  • Refer major ceremony
  • Community presentations
  • School presentations
  • Ceremonies for UNHS staff and facilities
Community Involvement
  • Zero Suicide Coalition
  • San Juan County Prevention Action Collaborative
  • Monument Valley Prevention Action Collaborative
  • Family Support Conference
  • Sexual Violence Prevention Walk
Crises Response Team
  • Suicide call and text numbers
  • All BH staff trained as interventionist with ASIST
  • Therapist and other staff take crises contacts
  • Coordinate with San Juan Counseling
Care Coordination
  • Supported Education
  • Children's Wrap around services
  • Collaborate with Primary Care Clinic for Care Coordination
Utah Office of Crimes Victims
  • Onsite Victim advocate
  • Services include
  • Access to behavioral health care
  • Unpaid medical bills
  • Loss of wages
  • Ceremonies
  • Outreach to families after a suicide or sudden death (often home based)
  • Provide care box
  • Critical Incident Stress Management for clinic and EMS staff.

Our Behavioral Health Clinics

Monument Valley Behavioral Health

30 West Medical Drive
Monument Valley, UT 84536
See Map

Phone: (435) 727-3001
Fax: (435) 727-3001


Montezuma Creek Behavioral Health

1478 E HWY 162
Montezuma Creek, UT 84534
See Map

Phone: (435) 651-3741
Fax: (435) 651-3858

Navajo Mountain Behavioral Health

#2 Rainbow Road
Navajo Mountain, UT 86044
See Map

Phone: (928) 672-2494

Blanding Behavioral Health

910 S. 300 W.    
Blanding, UT 84511
See Map

Phone: (435) 678-3601