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Iina Bihoo’aah Program

About Iina Bihoo’aah Program

Utah Navajo Health System Behavioral Health was awarded the Healthy Transitions grant by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in August 2018. This funding opportunity helped UNHS developed the Iina Bihoo’aah Program (“Essence of Life/Learning of Life”). The purpose for the Iina Bihoo’aah Program (IBP) is to promote a healthy transition into adulthood and responsibilities by improving emotional and behavioral health within the youth and young adult population ages 16-25 who have a serious mental illness or serious emotional disorder. IBP offers Therapy Counseling, Case Management, Peer Support Services, Supported Education (SEd), Supported Employment (SE), and access to a Traditional Practitioner.

Who is eligible to enroll into the Iina Bihoo’aah Program?

There are two eligibility criteria:

  • 16 – 25 years of age
  • Who has a Serious Mental Illness and/or Serious Emotional Disorder
  • Within UNHS service area

Individuals that do not meet each of the enrollment criteria will need their case to be reviewed and approved by the Program Director. If needed, the Program Director may request one or more supporting documents.

If you know anyone who may benefit from receiving IBP services, please refer them at this link: bit.ly/IBPreferral or call (435) 678-0274 or kholly@unhsinc.org. If you receive UNHS Behavioral Health services, you may also ask your provider to submit a referral to the program director.

All personal health information is protected by HIPAA.

Iina Bihoo’aah Program Services:

  • Mental Health Counseling: individual and/or group counseling and therapy, traditional practitioner, child and adult psychiatry via telemedicine, recovery from addiction, ADHD assessment for children, and crisis intervention.
  • Case Management: Case managers connect participants with services and supports to best meet every person’s unique needs. From achieving employment to securing housing, accessing healthcare to building a support system, these solution-focused, problem-solving professionals leverage individual and team strengths to reach each person’s goals.
  • Peer Support: A Peer Support Specialist is an individual who has had direct experience with mental health services and will utilize their lived experiences to collaborate with, coach and challenge participants to view their life situations as an opportunity for growth and offer hope and resiliency within each individual’s transition into adult roles and responsibilities.
  • Supported Education: Supported Education is a unique program designed to give participants support and guidance as they develop marketable skills through collegiate education. Participants are provided with ongoing support throughout the semester with registering for classes, accessing campus resources and communicating with faculty.
  • Supported Employment: This is a model of employment that provides people with severe disabilities the appropriate, ongoing support that is necessary for success in a competitive work environment. Participants will be offered vocational assessment, locate or develop jobs, and provide job skills training. This program will help the client learn job tasks, identify job modifications including assistive technology, and work with the employer to solve behavioral or social problems.
  • Traditional healing practices: UNHS Inc. mental health services collaborate with traditional healing specialists to provide culturally competent management of mental and behavioral health.
  • Other services: This may include flexible funds, voucher programs, assistance for Medicaid/Medicare application, Veteran services, training in ASIST and SafeTalk. Please contact the Program Director at (435)678-0274 with any questions about additional services.

Community Outreach:

  • IBP community education will target schools, youth and young adults and families, and the community in general to promote healthy transitions, mental health awareness, suicide prevention and self-advocacy to enhance support for youth and young adults.

  • IBP offers training subject that includes transition services and supports, training and mentoring youth and young adults who will assume leadership and advocacy roles. IBP will work with each youth, young adult and family members to identify barriers and find solutions.

  • The IBP Youth Coordinator helps organize youth and young adult activities, organizes community outreach activities and manages the social media sites. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the Youth Coordinator at (435)678-0275 or tanyad@unhsinc.org.

IBP Presenter Recommendation

The purpose for the Iina Bihoo’aah Program (IBP) is to promote a healthy transition into adulthood and responsibilities by improving emotional and behavioral health within the youth and young adult population ages 16-25 who have a serious mental illness or serious emotional disorder.

One of our goals is to enhance organizational infrastructure and community readiness to support AI youth and young adults by improving community awareness, understanding and collaboration. IBP would like to encourage and support local community members (Montezuma Creek, Monument Valley, Navajo Mountain, White Mesa, and surrounding communities) to become involved and share their knowledge and skills to the youth and young adults. This skills may include a whole range of different topics (i.e. cultural, fitness, mental health, healthy transitions, healthy relationships, etc.).

Please fill out the form below if you would like to be a presenter for IBP or if you would like to recommend someone you know to present. We appreciate your time. Thank you, Ahe'hee.