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      Clan Shirts

      Clan Shirts

      Light-Weight Long Sleeve Black Shirt with We Are Navajo horizontal logo on front and kinship clan in the back in Navajo and English.

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      **These shirts are not made to order- we sell as is and will not be restocking in any size-- whatever is available is all that we have**

      Bit'ahnii- Folded Arms People
      Todích'íí'nii- Bitter Water
      Kinyaa'áanii- The Towering House
      Tábąąhá- Water's Edge
      Tó'aheedlíinii- Water Flow Together
      T ł 'ízí lání- Many Goats
      T ł 'ááshchí'í- Red Bottom People
      Táchii'nii- Red Running Into The Water People
      Naakai dine'é- Mexican Clan
      'Áshįįhi- Salt People
      Lók'aa' dine'é- Reed People
      Hooghan łáni- Many Hogans
      Hasht ł’ishnii- Mud Clan
      Tótsohnii- Big Water
      Tó'áhani- Near The Water
      Hashk'ąą hadzohi- Yucca Fruit
      Honágháahnii- One Walks Around
      Ta'neeszahnii- Tangle Clan
      Mą'ii deeshgiizhinii- Coyote Pass- Jemez
      Bįįh bitoodnii- Deer Spring
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