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Utah Navajo COVID-19 Elderly Emergency Supplies

Our goal is to halt the spread of COVID-19 on the Utah Navajo reservations by encouraging the senior community to stay home by minimizing the need to leave for groceries and supplies. By engaging volunteers to practice proper protocol and wearing the correct PPE during deliveries, we can further ensure the health and safety of the community.


Call Pete directly: 435.678.0709


Thank you so much for helping us join the neverending endeavor of providing better health. Your donations will have an immediate positive impact to everyone in the surrounding area of Southern Utah. Utah Navajo Health System, Inc. is dedicated to being transparent and accountable with all our financial donations and documentation. We are a recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit charitable organization with the IRS, which means your donation to us qualifies as tax deductible.

Official Navajo Nation COVID-19 Relief

The Navajo Nation COVID-19 Fund has been established to help the Navajo Nation respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the Navajo Nation’s only official COVID-19 fundraising and donation effort.

The Navajo Nation is accepting monetary and non-monetary donations to address immediate medical and community needs. Charitable donations to the Navajo Nation are deductible by the donor for federal income, estate, and gift tax purposes

The Navajo Nation’s Health Command Center has established a Donation Branch to coordinate donations to the Nation. Attorney General Doreen N. McPaul serves as the Donation Branch Chief, and she has tasked the Department of Justice to staff this effort and respond to donation inquiries. Monetary donations are coordinated with the Navajo Nation Office of the Controller and non-monetary donations are coordinated with the Health Command Center’s Operations and Logistics Sections, depending on the type of donation, quantity, and delivery date.


Bluff Area Mutual Aid  

We are offering support for individuals and families in the greater Bluff area as they are available, including: Deliveries, food, water, firewood, diapers, toilet paper, hygiene products, help applying for unemployment benefits, and information. This service is free but we need your help to make these deliveries possible! Please lend your support to our campaign to help the communities of Bluff, the Utah portion of the Navajo Nation, and White Mesa areas!


Are you experiencing hardship because of the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak? Call, text, or email Bluff Area Mutual Aid for assistance. If you cannot leave your home or are in need of assistance, we are here to help. We will be offering support to the greater Bluff, Utah area with deliveries, food, water, hygiene products, applying for unemployment and more. Please fill out the form below for assistance or visit



Call or text: (505) 333-4504

Adopt A Native Elder

Adopting an Elder is one of many ways in which you may participate in the Giveaway Circle. When you adopt, you commit to providing your Elder with two sets of Rainbow Food boxes annually. A.N.E. provides and delivers the food. The cost is $100 per set (one set for the spring Food Run and one set for the fall Food Run) or $200 per year. If you’re able, additional Elder support is available for Food Runs and support throughout the year.


Rocky Ridge Gas + Market- Grandma Baskets

Rocky Ridge Gas + Market is a Navajo-owned convenience store providing fresh food and rez staples to the Rocky Ridge, AZ community and surrounding area. We curate Grandma Baskets, a selection of popular foods and staples, for relatives who want to provide Shima’ sani with her favorite foods.


Chizh for Cheii

In effort to care for our elders during the winter season on the Navajo Nation and surrounding area "Chizh for Cheii" was created. We view our elders as the backbone to our beautiful culture and heritage. "Chizh for Cheii" which means "wood for grandpa" in Navajo, has provided over 732 loads of free firewood for the past five years.


We Are Navajo

We Are Navajo is requesting for your assistance to provide care packages to as many families as possible. On March 26, we received a list that was generated by our local school teachers which identifies 15 families as high need cases- in dire need of basic necessities. We are preparing to assist many more families in the upcoming weeks.


Navajo Strong

NavajoStrong was created to aid the Navajo Nation during the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis. We strive to honor our ancestors and empower the Diné by working hard to help citizens who are affected by disease, poverty, and other health disparities on the Navajo Reservation.



Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund

Our goal will be to help the elderly (especially those raising their grandchildren), the immunocompromised, single parents, and struggling families by helping them buy groceries, water, and health supplies, and by protecting them (and their vulnerable communities) from exposure by engaging volunteers to make the purchases and deliver them to a safe transfer location for the families.




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