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In recent weeks there have been many threats of school shootings throughout the United States and more recently affecting our nearby schools. Here is some things you can do if you are feeling uneasy or nervous about the recent events.

Are you nervous about going to school? Are you scared and/or have anxiety while at school?
  • Discuss your emotions and feelings with your parent or guardian. 
  • Speak to your school counselor about your anxiety and fears. If you are nervous to seek out the counselor alone ask your parent/guardian to accompany you.
  • Discuss your options to take while at school or at home to resolve your emotions and feelings.
  • Ask for a referral to your local behavioral health.
Hear or see something that could potentially be dangerous? See something on social media?
  • Report! Report! Report!
  • Report a threat, any type of threat, to a trusted adult, your school counselor, your principle & vice principle, or police.
  • Download the “Safe UT” app and report anonymously.
Need a gun lock?
  • Come to Utah Navajo Health System behavioral health offices for a gun lock. 
Need a gun safe?

Twenty gun safes are available at various mental health, and behavioral health agencies throughout San Juan County. These agencies are responsible for making these safes available to families and households where they might be needed to help prevent possible suicide and attempted suicide crisis's.

  • To qualify for one of these safes,
    •  a household much have a gun in the home
    • someone 25 years of age or older in the home. 
    • They also must have at least one of the following criteria. 
      • A recent crisis, someone in the home who has talked about suicide
      •  a behavioral health consultation and therapist has recommended a safe or, 
      • there is a previous history of suicide attempts by someone in the home

      The application requires the name of the agency giving the safe and the signatures of two employees of that agency. The application is available from participating agencies. Once the completed application is delivered to a participating agency, a safe can be given to that household.

UNHS Behavioral Health professionals strongly urge any household with young people living in, or visiting the home, to take the following precautions.

1. Lock Up all guns and not allow children and teens unsupervised, unauthorized firearm access.

2. Limit access to keys and combinations of all gun safes only to the firearm owner.

3. Choose carefully a safe storage device for home-defense firearms with fast access for only you.

If you are concerned about yourself, a friend, or a family member…

1. Give a trusted individual the keys and combination to your safe.

2. Ask a friend or relative to hold firearms in an emergency as a temporary transfer.

3. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Veterans Press 1. In a Crisis Text: 741-741.




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