San Juan Student Advocacy Services & Peacemaking

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What Do Student Advocates Do?

  • They work to remedy barriers to learning created as a result of poverty, inadequate health care, and neighborhood violence.
  • They focus on providing supports to vulnerable populations of students at high risk for truancy and dropping out of school, such as homeless, foster, and migrant children, as well as students transitioning between school and treatment programs or the juvenile justice system.
  • They work with teachers, administrators, parents, and other educators to provide coordinated interventions and consultation designed to keep students in school and help families access the supports needed to promote student success.

Services Include:

  • Case management; small groups; referrals; community collaboration; tracking student success.
  • Coping with Stress
  • Family Challenges
  • School Related Concerns
  • Absences/tardies
  • Academic achievement
  • Bullying
  • Drop-out Prevention
  • Harassment
  • Behavior issues
  • Substance Abuse
  • Medical Issues
  • Grief/Loss Issues
  • Parent Education & Support

Requesting Help

  • Fill out and sign a parent consent form, which allows the Student Advocate to work with your student and coordinate other agency resources.
  • The Student Advocate will visit with you to get to know your family and needs.
  • The Student Advocacy Services team will then meet to develop a student/family service plan. Family members are welcome to attend this meeting.
  • The Student Advocate will monitor both the promised services and the student’s progress Parents will be regularly consulted and informed about progress.
  • When the plan is complete, an evaluation of the outcomes will be shared with the family.

Student Advocacy Contacts

San Juan Student Advocacy Services
Trevor Olsen, Comprehensive Services Director
Phone: (435) 678-1309

Blanding Schools
Travis Black, Student Advocate
Phone: 435-678-1339

Generra Blake, Student Advocate
Phone: 435-678-1809

Montezuma Creek & Bluff Schools
Nicole Black, Student Advocate
Phone: 435-678-1869

Cherish Harvey
Phone: 435-678-1882

Monument Valley Schools
Irene Jones, Student Advocate
Phone: 435-678-1851

Danielle Shirley
Phone: 435-678– 1167


San Juan School District has partnered with the Navajo Nation Peacemaking Program. Navajo Peacemakers work with students to resolve conflict with individuals, Families, Truancy, and many other barriers that stand in the way of our students getting an education. Please call or email one of our Student Advocates for more information.


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