Department of Self-Reliance

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“T’aa ahwo ajit’ eego”

The Department for Self-Reliance is a Federal and State funded program that provides Support Services and Cash Assistance to eligible families with needy children.

Mission Statement: We shall serve, with integrity and ethics, to empower individuals and families by promoting T’aa ahwo aji’eego through appropriate support, opportunities and education.

Services Offered

  • Career & Education Preparation
  • Training and Skill Development
  • Support Services to meet Goals
  • Short-Term Monthly Assistance (60 months)

What is my responsibility?

  • Develop and follow Personal Responsibility Plan (PRP)
  • Participate in Work Participation Activities
  • Submit Monthly Update Reports & Timesheets

How Do I Qualify?

  • Must have a minor child deprived of financial support and care due to the continued absence, disability, or death of a legal parent; or in Two-Parent Families, a minor child deprived of financial support and care due to the unemployment/underemployment of both legal parents.
    • Reside in Service Delivery Area
    • Meet financial, non-financial and supplemental eligibility criteria
    • Background check
    • Child Support, unless excluded
    • United States Citizen

How Do I Apply?

What Information do I need?

  • Social Security Cards
  • Birth Certificates
  • Valid Picture I.D. for Adults
  • Information on Income, Assets, and Resources
  • School Enrollment/Attendance Verification for Minor Child(ren) or Dependent(s)
  • If there is an Absent Parent, Child Support Information is required
  • If you are a Relative Caregiver, Guardianship Documents are Required

Contact information:

Support Services
48 W HWY 264
Quality INN Complex, STE 108
P.O. BOX 2279
Window Rock, AZ

PHONE: 928-810-8553
TOLL FREE: 1-866-347-2403
FAX: 928-810-9557


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