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Families & Children Education (FACE) was initiated in 1990, and currently has programs in 46 Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) funded schools. It was designed as a family literacy program; an integrated model for an early childhood/ parental involvement program for American Indian families in BIE-funded schools.

Evaluation indicates that FACE programs are succeeding in addressing achievement gaps for American Indian children primarily located on rural reservations, and in better preparing them for school.

Goals of the Face Program

  • Support parents/ primary caregivers in their role as their child’s first and most influential teacher
  • Increase family literacy
  • Strengthen family-school-community connections
  • Promote early identification and services to children with special needs
  • Increase parent participation in their child’s learning
  • Support and celebrate the unique cultural and linguistic diversity of each American Indian community served by the program
  • Promote lifelong learning.

Program services integrate language and culture in two settings; home and school.

Home Based Parents as Teachers Component

  • Families with children ages 0-3 or expecting a baby will qualify.
  • When a child turns 3 years old and is potty trained they will transition into center based.
  • Lessons are taught in the home on a weekly basis
  • Parents will make homemade educational toys and do hands-on activities with their child.
  • Parents learn to interact positively with their child and become their child’s first teacher.
  • Children learn by playing and interacting with their parents
  • FACE families will participate in monthly Family Circle activities planned by the FACE staff

Center Based Early Childhood Component

  • Children 3 to 5 years old will qualify
  • Children will build readiness skills for Kindergarten
  • Parent is required to attend with child daily
  • Parent and child work together daily during PACT Time
  • The center-base program is open for four days a week

Center & Home Based Adult Education Component

While the children are receiving their educational services in the center based classroom, the parents are busy working toward their own learning goals in several areas: education, employment, personal and family life.

Parents also want more knowledge of their culture and language so they can share this knowledge with their children.

They also want to learn how to use computers for their careers or to obtain a job, so technology skills are a major focus in the classroom.

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PHONE: 435-651-3271
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