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Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Designed for: Children without insurance
Contact: 877-543-7669

This state program provides health insurance plans for the children of qualifying Utah families. To qualify a child must be a US citizen or legal resident under the age of 19 not currently covered by health insurance. LEARN MORE

Department of Self-Reliance

Designed for: Children needing financial support and care
Contact: (928) 810-8553

A Federal and State funded program that provides cash assistance and support services and to eligible families with needy children. LEARN MORE

Families & Children Education (FACE)

Designed for: Families with children ages 0-3 or expecting a baby
Contact: 435-651-3271

FACE was initiated in 1990 as a family literacy program, addressing achievement gaps for American Indian children primarily located on rural reservations and better preparing them for school and lifelong learning. LEARN MORE

Iina Bihoo’aah Program

The purpose for the Iina Bihoo’aah Program (IBP) is to promote a healthy transition into adulthood and responsibilities by improving emotional and behavioral health within the youth and young adult population ages 16-25 who have a serious mental illness or serious emotional disorder. Learn More

Iina Bihoo’aah Program Drop- In Center

Designed for:Youth between the ages of 16-25
Contact: (435) 678-0275

The Drop-In Center is open to 16-25 years old who want to hang out, get some homework done, or play some games! LEARN MORE


Designed for: Low income women, infants and children

Utah Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program helps families learn about healthy eating through nutrition education, one-on-one counseling, nutritious foods and help accessing health care. LEARN MORE


Designed For: Families with young children

This team-based, planning process helps strengthen families and make sure children and youth grow up in their homes and communities. With help from a facilitator, people from different parts of the whole family’s life work together to help them realize their hopes and dreams. LEARN MORE


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