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About In-School Behavioral Health Therapies

School based services are provided to students whose teachers, parents, or other primary care givers have concerns in regard to their behavior, mood, or academic performance. Examples include, but are not limited to, bullying, lack of friends, experimental substance use, past trauma, ADHD, depression, anxiety or acute stress disorder.

Students are seen individually or in small groups, depending on the issue and goals and objectives set by parents, teachers and students.

Counselors offer trauma based therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, Parent-Child Interaction therapy, and play based therapies in a safe, nurturing classroom within Aneth Community School. Parents or other primary caregivers are always welcome to participate in therapy with their child or children. Confidentiality is maintained. Information is released only if a signed Release of Information is in place.


During the 2017-18 school year, alternating Monday and Wednesdays


Counselors must have a signed Consent for Counseling form prior to seeing student.Parent must also arrange a meeting with counselor, either at the clinic or at Aneth Community School, to provide information for an initial intake (problems, developmental history, academic history, mental health and/or substance use history, demographics and basic family information).During this initial meeting, parents and/or students and parents will set goals and objectives for the school year or until the problem or issue is resolved.


Counselors for the 2017-18 school year are Roselyn Maryboy, LCSW and Deirdre Piotrowski, LCSW

For more information:

Bailey Jo, Aneth School Counselor
Carmelita Whitney, secretary

PHONE: 435-651-3741


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