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“My grandchildren, education is the ladder. Tell our people to take it” – Chief Manuelito

Objective & Goals

Supported education provides for young people who are beginning to develop their adult roles. The supported education program is to help patients pursue their individual educational goals.

The youth/young adults will develop a sense of self-efficacy and independence. It provides an important step to help youth/young adults to use their innate talents and abilities to pursue their personal recovery goals. The support education helps and supports the youth/young adults’ choice to pursue higher to obtain a degree which will promote a career development to improve long-term work opportunities.

Who we serve

  • Young adults
    • 16-26 years old
    • On approval age can be younger or older
  • High school students
  • College students
  • Job Corp Candidates

Is supported education effective?

Individuals who participate in the Supported Education program have more access to educational programs, increased confidence with competitive employment, improvement in self-esteem, reduced hospitalization, and increased consumer satisfaction.


  • Career Planning: Vocational assessment, career exploration, Educational Goal Plan development, course selection, instruction, support, and counseling
  • Academic Survival Skills: Information about college, training programs, disability rights and resources, tutoring and mentoring services, time and stress management, and social supports.
  • Direct Assistance: Help with enrollment, financial aid, education debt, and contingency funds; and
  • Outreach: contact with campus resources, mental health treatment team members, and other agencies such as vocational rehabilitation.

Fact: Mental health and trauma affects everyone regardless of culture, race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.

For more information:

Rick Hendy—Behavioral Health Director

Autumn Secody—BH Outreach Coordinator- MVCHC/NMCHC

Kurt Delmar Holiday—Supported Education Outreach- MCCHC/MVCHC


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