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Prime Solutions

Prime Solutions is a flexible, open substance use treatment group for people who feel the need for substance use outpatient treatment or are Court Ordered or on probation and required to complete substance treatment. Learn how to reduce substance related risks, develop low-risk beliefs and clear standards, and gain skills to manage cravings and temptations.

Prime Solutions is held 4-6 p.m. each Tuesday. LEARN MORE

Prime for Life

Prime For Life is an evidence-based experience helping people making high-risk alcohol or drug choices accept the need to change their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Motivational Interviewing and cognitive behavioral methods are woven into the program. Every element is designed to promote change and reduce problems. Prime For Life Instructors receive 3 days of intensive training from Prevention Research Institute followed by ongoing web, email, and telephone support plus annual face-to face continuing education opportunities to increase excellence in implementation.

Prime for Life is a substance use education program. It is a 16-hour curriculum held over a period of four days (four, 4-hour days). This is based on the requirement of the State of Utah. Prime for Life is the program mandated by the State of Utah for DUI/DWAI offenders, and is also required to be completed prior for applying for reinstatement of a driver’s license

Participants must have an open chart with Behavioral Health, or be present to support a family member or friend with an open chart. To open a chart, client must schedule an appointment with any behavioral health provider, complete an intake, sign a consent for counseling, and set goals and objectives as part of an Individual Action Plan.

To schedule an appointment for intake or for more information, please call 435-651-3741 and speak with the secretary.

Domestic Violence Evaluation and Treatment program

The Domestic Violence Evaluation and Treatment program is for individual who have been court ordered to complete a Domestic Violence evaluation. The program is designed to provide psychological treatment and educational services to perpetrators and victims of domestic violence. Individual therapists conducting domestic violence assessments and treatment services have completed specialized training in domestic violence assessment and treatment practices.

Treatment sessions for each perpetrator, not including orientation and assessment interviews, shall be provided for at least one hour a week for a minimum of 16 weeks. The assessment is a comprehensive behavioral health assessment and a risk and needs evaluation. Prior to the assessment the individual must collect and bring to the first session the following 3 items:

  • A copy of your COURT ORDER

This can be obtained through the Court. (This is the document that was signed in court at your sentencing.)

  • A copy if the Law Enforcement INCIDENT REPORT

This can be obtained from the Law Enforcement Agency that arrested you. If the court was able to provide you with the Probable Cause Statement at sentencing, you will not need to get this. 

  • Defendant is required to mail a $15.00 MONEY ORDER OR CHECK made out to Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (processing fee) with a completed BCI/UTAH BUREAU OF CRIMINAL IDENTIFICATION APPLICATION immediately after sentencing

This will allow sufficient time for BCI to process and return the criminal history in the mail. The defendant is required to have the criminal history in his/her possession when attending the 1st meeting with the provider.

If you do not bring the above items to your first session you will not be seen and you will be required to schedule another appointment.



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