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My Life


I was born on the Navajo reservation into a loving caring family. I grew up being loved by my elders and parents. I was a middle child, my parents had ten children. I don’t remember ever being abused emotionally, or physically by anybody as a child.

I remember going to boarding school, falling in love with a guy in high school, I thought my whole world revolved around this person. I ran away with him and his parents asked for my hand in marriage. Our parents arranged a Navajo wedding for us and we were married in the summer time.

Everything was going well for us until we got married. My husband begin to think of me as something that belonged to him. I was to do what he said and he became jealous and possessive. He was no longer the guy that I fell in love with. I remember him hitting me and having him tell me it wasn’t going to happen again. But I got abused physically, emotionally and sexually for not doing something or saying something.

I got pregnant with my first child during my Junior year so I didn’t finish high school. I started having children and living through the abuse. I feared my husband so much through the years. It seemed like I was always walking on eggshells. I lied to my family about the bruises I had saying I fell or I bumped into something. I told myself that my kids needed their dad and lived with the abuse for years. When my youngest child was born, I had enough of living in fear. I was so scared but I told my husband to leave. He left me with four young children, no high school diploma, no job, no vehicle and living on Welfare to survive.

Through Welfare, I was able to obtain a GED and go to college and I eventually received my AA, my BA and my Master’s degree and became a teacher. I also took a lot of classes on self-esteem and other motivational classes because abuse in any form takes everything that you are away from you. But to this day I believe that although there are a lot of obstacles to overcome you can be anything you want to be. And always remember the Golden Rule: Treat people the way you want to be treated!