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Oh, Shi Heart.


I met Karl for the first time when I babysat his brothers back in junior high, 8th grade to be exact. My father used to be his great-grandfather's home care provider. So, my father already had ties to Karl's family. Back then I was known as, "Delbert's daughter" to Karl. It was until I transferred schools to Kayenta. I didn't recognize Karl until we got on the bus and he sat behind me. I turned around and introduced myself and told him how I knew him. Since then, we sat by each others on every bus ride from home and to school-vice versa. Karl and I shared so much with each others and listened when we needed to. We were each other's go-to in school. If I felt like giving up, he was there to pick me up. If he was having a bad day, I was there to cheer him up. We accomplished a lot throughout our high school years. We held leadership positions in different clubs and strived to be the best we could be. Senior year came. We filled out college applications and scholarships applications together. We car pulled to the computer labs on weekends because that is where students went to work on rigorous applications for scholarships or colleges. I remember, during our winter break we car pulled in our Pastor's pick-up that had no heater and it was snowing. We were bundled up like burritos! It was hilarious because it showed our dedication towards our education. Sure enough, we pulled it off because on April 17th, 2013 we received calls from our families telling us were were Gates Millennium Scholars! It was so unreal because that day we were in New York City with one of the clubs we were involved in. A dream city? My best friend? And a scholarship that pays our way for college? That was one of the best days of our relationship. I'm telling you this because not only did we love each others, but we respected ourselves and one another. We wanted the best for each other. Still to this day. We're in school, have a job, and internships. Karl and I are still each other's foundation; while building ours together. We've been together going on eight years and those eight years have been the best. We're living, loving, learning, and growing. I wouldn't want it any other way. Through it all, it's the little things that matter. Karl making me breakfast on his days off. Giving Karl back/foot rubs. Telling each others, "i love you" anytime of the day because we do, we love. Praying for each others and visiting each others' families. We're young and still have so much to explore and I'm excited for that. One of the best gifts that Karl has given me is sharing the same vision for ourselves; Degrees, our dream jobs, a home on the Navajo Nation (Cow Springs and Shonto, AZ to be exact) livestock, and one day...children. As my grandmas say, "take care of each others, be good to each others, and pray for each others". We do. I'm blessed to have someone like Karl. He's Shi Heart, always.