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My Sobriety


When I was young, as long as I could remember, my parents had always drank alcohol in front of me. So when I was in my high school years, my cousin and I always took off with older friends who drank to "party" with them. After high school, I moved in with my sister in SLC UT. There was always a party at her house too on weekends. Although i was still underage, I wasn't hesitate to have a drink also. When I turned 21, I had my first son. He was the most beautiful baby in the world to me. I quit the drink for him. I was sober for a about a year after having my 2nd child until we moved to Nevada. I found a job at a big casino. Drinks were easy to get, because it was passed around for free. I thought 1 drink and I'll never do it again. I was wrong. My ex husband was Hispanic and his family always had drinks in the home. So then I start again. Waking up with hangovers was not fun. Eventually I lost my job because I had to always call in to say I wasn't coming to work. A couple years of that before moving back to SLC. Same story there too. Back in 2011, my kids and I moved back to the Rez to live with my parents who were getting up in age. Around 2013 I met a Navajo man and he was the nicest man to me and my family. He is 14 years older then me but age doesn't matter. Hes been sober 25 years. It didn't feel right to me to have a drink while he says no. So I quit 'cold turkey'.. I had his support to get me through it. His encouraging words and actions made it easy. I've been sober now going on 5 years. I don't miss the drink. I feel a lot better and healthier. I see friends who still drinks and they don't look good. I've tried to talk and encourage them to quit but for some reason, their drinking problem has gotten worse. I am just glad I quit. My parents and family were proud of me. To this day, I always remember what my parents told me. They are both gone from this world but memories will always be with me. Thank you