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Moving forward

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I've always had anxiety and depression since I could remember. That feeling of what if that could happen or thinking of the worst possible is not fun. In my teen years I had pushed myself to join sports and learn to make friends even if it was the toughest thing for me. I still struggle with social anxiety and its because I chose to keep my illness silent. I'm a very private person and I know I have burnouts with an emotional twist to life events. However, this is not me because I overcame suicidal ideation, teasing, and fear of rejection, so many things that I am so content with life now. I am funny when I'm comfortable in my environment and smart for my own good sometimes. I am adventerous, cautious, and clumsy rolled into one. Everyday I learn something new and try to accept it all daily. I like to help others through words I wish I heard more of. Encouragement and support are so different than tough love. I believe I can make a difference now. I know I am resilient through all the hard times, bad relationships and taking long walks alone. But I know I am not alone when it comes to helping others and knowing it helps to have someone there when you need it. It does matter and it shows in today's world that actions speak louder than words. The one thing I learned is it is up to myself to make changes and be the difference.