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Sexual Assault Awareness


The way I am trying to spread awareness about sexual assault is by telling my own story through social media hoping that someone will read/understand that they are not alone & there are others out there to help them through it the best way I can. When reading about what happen to me they know that it could happen to anyone even those that you know. A lot the people I know and knew never knew what happen to me. Maybe they did but they didn't say anything because they probably knew how much I hurt & how ashamed I would feel. My story began with a friendship & that friendship lead to my assault. I never image going through my assault with someone I called my friend & don't wish it apart anyone. Given my back story know a couple people who have been through these terrible event. I do my best to help them through it, as best I can only if they are comfortable talking about it. I have my family & they helped me through it. My family understood it made/makes me uncomfortable to talk about before, but now for the past few year I've grown a little more comfortable talking to my family & those that have trouble with it by be scared all the time because of their assault. Now I talk to my siblings, who look up to me and I talk to them by being careful and aware of who/where they are at even with friends they know they may trust. And trust is the most precious key in any kind of relationship.