Air People, Niłch'í Dine'é

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Air People, Niłch'í Dine'é

With the seasons changing, it's the time when the Air People, Niłch'í Dine'é, come together. There are a few different forms of air deities. In this story, there are air deities who represent the winter and the summer seasons.

With winter ending, the Winter Air People meet with the Summer Air People creating spring, not too cold and not to hot. When they meet, they discuss the upcoming year and what the weathers will be like. This is when the air picks up and starts blowing, creating winds that sweep across the land. Same thing happens when summer is ending. The Summer Air People meet with the Winter Air People and discuss how the year had gone.

Think of the winds as sweeping away the seasons. With the spring season winds, it's like blowing away winter season. With the fall season winds, it's like blowing away summer season. All in repeat.

I've always been told "if you can't control it, don't complain about it." This brings truth to when windy days take over. However, the windy days do have good in them. They blow seeds of plants across the land. They spin the wheels of windmills, causing them to fill up the tanks with water. They sweep animal droppings to fertilize the land. Navajo's were always told to never complain about the weather conditions outside their homes.

Some use the wind as a teaching for young Navajo children. They were told that if they misbehaved in anyway, the Wind People would come and swoop them up into the air, taking them higher and higher until they're placed on top of a canyon or rock with no way down.

There's a rock formation not far from Shiprock rock formation that is said to be the house of the Air People. Another location is said to be the house of the Wind People, which is located at Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ. Personally, I was told not to go there as a Navajo unless given certain circumstances. Going there would cause ear problems or neurological problems to the individual



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