Male Puberty Ceremony

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Male Puberty Ceremony

In the process of a boy’s voice changing, a ceremony is conducted for him within a sweat lodge where all the men gather inside. In there, prayers, songs, and teachings are taught. Before entering the sweat, the Holy People are invited inside. There are four rounds that happen.

After each round, the teenager runs out to the east a distance. Yelling to let it be known of his voice changing to the Navajo World and the World of Navajo Deities. Once he returns, they continue with another round of sweat. Each round lasts for quite some time. Again, the ceremony continues with the chants and prayers.

Soon as the door of blankets opens up, he runs once again to the east. This time a little further than before. Same goes with the 3rd round, further than the second round. On his last 4th round, he runs his furthest. Afterwards, he is molded by one of the men with male weapons and then adorned with beautiful clothes and jewelry.

Running the distance is said to increase your life. The longer you run, the longer you'll live.

While the men are inside the sweat, the rest of the family prepares a dinner to be shared with everyone afterwards. This is a celebration that the family, and Navajo people, has gained a Navajo Warrior.

Each ceremony varies with each family.


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