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Image Credit: Tyrell Descheny

Bįįh - Deer

Although the movie Bambi showed us a complete loving side to deer, in Navajo there's a dark side to them.

The skin of the deer is not to be brought back directly home. The fur and remains are to stay away from the homestead. It's said that if sheep come across and walk within the deer remains, the sheep lose their mind and become wild. It can also affect the human mind.

Even down to the gender of the deer can be a message if one crosses your path. Female being a bad sign. Male being a positive sign.

At a young age, I remember being told that if there's ever a time you see herds of deer in a place where it's not supposed to be, then it's a sign that something catastrophic will happen.

However, the Navajo people do utilize the deer in a good way as well. Just the deer hide alone. It's used in ceremonies for patients to sit on, sometimes it's worn, it can also be cut to make bags or used to tie a young girls hair during her kinaalda.




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