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Food is Sacred - Tyrell Woolboy

Image Credit: Tyrell Descheney


Ever since I was young, I was told to respect the fire no matter what. Traditionally, the fire itself is alive. When cooking, it listens and sees what’s going on. One reason why some people pray while they cook. They can pray about an individual’s needs or their own. They can pray that their kids will do great in school or if someone is struggling with their job or life. The fire will listen. Even if it's just a stove fire, pray to it. Fire is fire and it is still connected to the fire place. It will know your mood. If you're angry, the food will be angry back and you might just end up burning the food. Your negative energy will go into the food and that food will go into those around the dining table. When the fire hears it, it will go into the food that's being prepared. Those who eat the food will take a part of the prayer.

With the fire being alive, some people will feed it with some food and thank it for preparing a meal. In this case, left over dough that's rolled up and placed inside the fire. Asking the fire to cook/bake the food nicely. It allows most of us to enjoy an actual hot meal together at home. The fire doesn't ask for much in return, just to be fed and well taken care of.

During a peyote ceremony, a small amount of food is taken from each bowl and placed into the fire. Thanking it for another meal to share among everyone who is present


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