Kneeldown Bread (Nitsidigo’i)

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Navajo Kneeldown Bread (Nitsidigo’i)

Kneeldown Bread (Nitsidigo’i) – Navajo Nation

12 ears of fresh corn

Softened corn husks

Scrape the kernels from 12 ears of fresh corn. Grind the kernels on a mette* into a mush. Make small packages of the mush by wrapping them in corn husks.

Dig a pit in the ground about one yard across and 10 inches deep. Build fire in the pit. When the pit is thoroughly heated, take the hot coals out and place the packages in the ground and cover with some fresh leaves and slightly moist dirt. Cover with coals. Build a fire over it and bake at least one hour.

*Metate is a stone with a concave upper surface used a the nether millstone for grinding grains and especially maize (Indian corn).

Servings: 12


Thank you to local community members (Aneth, Montezuma Creek, Bluff, Blanding, White Mesa, Red Mesa, MV, ect.) for submitting recipes.



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