Moon and Menstruation

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Moon and Menstruation

I was once told that the Moon is represented as an old lady. The person who carries the Moon is a young man to help her across the night sky.

Traditionally they say there are 13 moons in one year. Once a young girl starts to menstrual, she's taught to keep track of her cycle by the cycle of the moon as well.

This is where the term "my grandma came" that most women use instead of saying "I got my period." Everyone knows that with age, comes an end to having their monthly, thus representing old age in a sense.

If she gets her menstrual on a half moon, she'll have to keep track of the moon phases and know that it's going to take a few nights for it to pass. She'll be on the lookout for the next half moon.

She decides if she wants to have sex around that phase for a better chance to have kids. It's a responsibility they have to obtain to keep to themselves.


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