Navajo Frybread

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Navajo Frybread

4 cups flour

2 tablespoons powdered milk

1 tables baking powder

1 ½ cup warm water

1 teaspoon salted lard or shortening

Add baking powder, powdered milk and salt to the flour. Mix together. Add the water to form dough. Knead dough until soft, but not sticky or hard (add flour as needed). Cover with a cloth and allow to stand for about 15 minutes.

Shape dough into 20 balls, then flatten, stretching the dough with hand and fingers until the dough is flat and round. It may be rolled out with a rolling pin. Melt the shortening about 1 inch deep in a frying pan. Fry the dough on one side until golden brown, then turn and finish frying.


Thank you to local community members (Aneth, Montezuma Creek, Bluff, Blanding, White Mesa, Red Mesa, MV, ect.) for submitting recipes.



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