Navajo Clans

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Navajo Clans

Knowing all 4 clans to ones identity allows them totally freedom with themselves. It's a way we're classified among each other. Through positive attitude & behavior, we can fully understand the clan operation and knowledge of kinship.

Our clans are our roots and our foundation to life as Navajo people. The more you know about your own clans and who you're related to, the more people/kinship you'll encounter, resulting in more love capacity for others around you.

Through our 4 clans can we become aware of our true image, what were capable of doing, sparking our potential for growth and success in life.

Being able to truly identify ourselves shows how much respect you have not only for yourself and shadow, but for your family as well. Self-image, self-identity, and self-confidence determines four factors of us: behavior, attitude, opinion and personality.





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