Navajo Sash Belt

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Sis Łichii'í - Navajo Sash Belt

The sash belt isn't only for fashion but at one point in time, it was represented as something sacred. It was tied around a lady's waist to control her figure. Being tied around her waist, it showed her hips. Tightened as much as possible but loose enough to feel comfortable.

When giving birth, the belt was tied around the upper legs for her to pull as she pushed with each contraction. She lifted herself upward. Like how women nowadays squeeze hands, they pulled on the belt back then.

This all adds up to it only belonging to women, women who have had their puberty ceremony. Young girls weren't allowed to wear them but rather received it as a gift for entering womanhood. It showed the rest of the world that she was ready to bare children.

In certain ceremonies, men are allowed to wear them as well.


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