Navajo Twins

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Navajo Twins

After the Navajo Twins had reached their destination to their father’s house, Sun Bearer didn't believe they belong to him. So he decided to put them through a test together.

He told them they had to attend a sweat lodge. He started the fire, threw the rocks on, they turned red and placed them inside the sweat lodge. He told them if they passed the test, he would believe them.

Before entering the sweat lodge, he instructed them they had to go inside naked and has to tie their penis with a piece of string. Reason for doing so is so their body won't emit an odor through their penis.

As they were in there, the Sun Bearer told them he was gonna add water. So he did, the boys noticed that the small room began to bake them. Making their bodies soft. Then they heard a voice, it was Niłch'í (Air Being) who had told them to dig a small hole in the ground and to breathe the cool air within it. They did so and felt refresh.

Sun Bearer then opened the door and saw them still sitting there. He was amazed and told them to come out. He still believe and told them to re-enter. This time he placed some other rocks. Air Being instructed them to dig up a shield that was located under the sweat lodge. Some say this shield was a turtle shell, some say it was a whiteshell. The boys did so and they hid behind the shield, moments later they heard an explosion. The rocks that had been placed were placed their in hopes that it would kill the boys. They quickly buried the shield before Sun Bearer could enter. He saw the boys still sitting there. Still not believing he made them exist and re-enter.

This round he said he was gonna place some tobacco on the rocks for them to help them. He ended up placing poisonous herbs. Still had no effect on the boys.

He finally admitted to himself that they were indeed his kids since no human beings were capable of withstanding such test. After the series of sweat lodge rounds, the twins were molded into human figures. Some say the Navajo Twins did not look like humans before they found their father. I'll explain that in a different post.





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