Second World

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Food is Sacred - Tyrell Woolboy

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Second World

Escaping the constant wars and killing in the previous world, the Beings made their way into the second world. In this world, there were already other living creatures. Every creature was mostly blue.

When they looked into the air, they saw blue birds such as blue jays, heron, crane, and hawks. On the ground they saw bigger insects such as locusts, crickets, worms and others. In the distance they could see blue mammals such as blue foxes, wolves, wildcats, cougars and badgers.

Although they were already living here, they welcomed the first world beings into their world and said they could settle in a certain area. From here they noticed that the blue world beings had wars and fights amongst themselves. With the amount of beings living together, they began to argue more and fights broke out due to shortage of food.

First Man grabbed his bow and arrow and began killing the creatures. However, after he did so he said a prayer and their lives were restored. The animals/insects then gave him certain prayers and songs in return.

With everything that was going on between both world beings, Talking God and Second Talking God didn't agree with it all once again. They made the decision to end it all from them. One day, high winds began blowing. Day after day, all through the night the wind continued blowing. Soon it began to get colder and colder. Snow began to fall and ice began to form. Pretty soon the winds were so strong that they were ice cold. The beings could no longer take it and flew to the sky. Up and up they went.

As they looked back to the Second World, they saw nothing but ice and snow being blown all around.





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