Sex Organs

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Sex Organs

After Changing Woman had created the first humans, she realized that they needed sex organs in order for them to reproduce and continue the Navajo race.

On a white unharmed buckskin, she had gotten one white shell and one turquoise stone. With the white shell, she created a woman's sex organ, a vagina. With the turquoise stone she created a male sex organ, a penis. This is why shells are used to represent women and Turquoise stones is used to represent men.

With them on both ends of the buckskin, they weren't doing anything and she told them to come alive, but nothing. She placed them side by side and told them to breathe, they came alive finally. She then told them that they would work perfectly together.

Then she told them to both shout out loud. On the first time, the turquoise stone shouted louder than the white shell. Moments later, she told them to both shout again. This time the white shell shouted louder. From there she said that the male & female sex organs will be equal no matter what. No better than the other. She then placed the organs on a man and lady.

The man and lady stood there both naked, looking at each other and began to get aroused, wanting sexual desires. She told them they weren't allowed to do so in such manner so she made clothes for them to cover themselves and have respect for their bodies.

Then Coyote came to see what Changing Woman was doing. He brought to her attention that they didn't look right to him. Something was off. He said "I can't tell the difference whether they're a child or adult." So he grabbed some of his whiskers or mustache, and placed it on top of her vagina and his penis. Which then became what we know as pubic hair. He told her this way they'll know when they're capable of reproducing.

From there on, Changing Woman felt accomplished knowing the Navajo race will continue further from what she had created from her own flesh.


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