Shoe Game

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Food is Sacred - Tyrell Woolboy

Image Credit: Tyrell Descheney

Shoe Game

After Ye'ii Tsoh announced where the first shoe game would take place, all animals of day and night gathered in a cave.

A part of the shoe game was them requiring 4 pairs Moccasins. 2 pairs for each team. For the day animals, it was Bear and Porcupine who had taken off their moccasins to use.

With a piece of corn husk, one side was painted black to represent night and the other side was made gray to represent day animals. As the corn husk fell to the ground, each team shouted for their team color.

Day animals shouted in Navajo, "Łibá!" While night animals shouted shouted "Łizhin!"

It landed with the gray side up so the day animals had the advantage of going first on hiding the yucca ball. Antelope quickly jumped up and pranced to the ball.

This is just part of the story.


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