Snake and Cat

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Food is Sacred - Tyrell Woolboy

Image Credit: Tyrell Descheney

"Ná'aashoo'ii n'ih!"

At one point in time, the snake had legs while the cat had no legs. Snake had started to be cocky and started telling lies after lies. Pretty soon his lies caught up with him and he got in trouble for it by the Holy People.

With no one to have witness what crime he had committed, he thought he'd get away once more again. However, someone spoke up from out of nowhere and told everyone he was lying. Everyone looked around but saw no one.

Once more they heard the voice saying "look up here!" They looked to the tree and saw the cat laying on the branch. He told them he had seen snake doing his crime and starting his lies. With shock, snake denied and said the cat made everything up because he was jealous of him because of his legs. A while later, his own shadow had spoken and testified for cats words.

The Holy People became angry with snake and as a punishment, the removed snakes legs and gave them to cat. With the legs they gave the cat similar characteristics to a snake such asks his tails movement, his smile and eyes.

So they say when a cat sees a snake, the cat will jump over the snake and he'll turn over and knock out.

The reason for the snake’s tongue being split is due to his lies. Saying one thing and saying another the next.

Don't think no one is watching when you do wrong. Don't forget that the plants and rocks are alive.


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