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Food is Sacred - Tyrell Woolboy

Image Credit: Tyrell Descheney

Stink Bug

In Navajo society, they say traditionally a man was never supposed to see his mother in-law unless they share a smoke of tobacco. There's a saying that if they didn't share it, they were given bells so they hear each other from a distance and never cross paths.

Before this, the Stink Bug got married and after years of not seeing his mother in law, he began to wonder what she looks like. One day, it was just them two home; the mother inside and the son in-law outside. He decided to climb the hogan to peek in from the chimney. As soon as he got a glimpse of his mother in-law, his eyes fell off and wasn't able to put or grow them back.

I was told that a stink bug has no eyes but uses his antennas as his navigation, searching for its eyes. There's also a saying that if you have a sore throat, you should drink the Stink Bugs pee to get rid of it. Jiní. I honestly never tried that theory. Lol


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