Sweat Lodge

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Food is Sacred - Tyrell Woolboy

Image Credit: Tyrell Descheney

Sweat Lodge

Once they finished constructing the sweat lodge, they knew it wasn't completed yet. A few more items were missing to complete it all. They knew they needed to gather items to make it a protection home.

Owl approached the group and said he'll provide the door for the house. He took off the blanket that was wrapped around him and placed it on the front opening.

Beaver came and said he'll provide the wood for the fire to make heat. He gave them an arm full of fire wood and said he'll bring more.

From the distance they saw Bighorn Sheep coming from the mountains with some rocks. He said he'll provide the sweat rocks to create the steam after being heated in the fire.

The Holy People told them that they'll give them sweat songs and prayers they'll need to bless themselves. With them they provided a poking stick to leave inside the sweat lodge to move rocks around




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