Vegan Hot Tamales

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Food is Sacred - Tyrell Woolboy

Vegan Hot Tamales 


  • Masa
  • Corn Husk
  • Corn
  • Chili mix
  • Mexican Meatless Crumbles 
    1. Soak the corn husk overnight
    2. Cook meatless crumbles and add chili mix
    3. Mix your masa as directed
    4. Boil pot of water while you wrap the tamales
    5. Use a spoon and dish out the meatless crumbles on the masa and wrap your tamales and tie them off
    6. Once they are tied and ready, place them standing up in the pot and let boil for an hour then enjoy!
This recipe was graciously provided by @veganasdzaa on Instagram! Check her out!


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