Vegan Philly Cheesesteak

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Vegan Philly Cheesesteak 


  • Portabella Mushrooms
  • Green Bell Peppers
  • Half an onion
  • Garlic Clove
  • Worcester Sauce
  • Hoagie Buns
  • Vegan Cheese 
    1. Saute garlic, cut onion, bell pepper, and mushrooms then place in a pan and cook together.
    2. Add Worcester sauce and let it cook with the veggies. 
    3. Once mushrooms are done turn down heat to a simmer so it stays warm.
    4. Melt cheese on top of veggie mix.
    5. In a separate pan toast hoagie bun.
    6. Once cheese is melted and the bun is toasted to your liking, place on plate then enjoy!
This recipe was graciously provided by @veganasdzaa on Instagram! Check her out!


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