Changing Woman

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Changing Woman is the mother of all Navajo's. At one point she lived near the west coast because the Sun made her a house there. The people she took became lonely and heard of the other navajo's back home. They decided to return but weren't sure exactly where to go. So Changing Woman decided to make more people who would guide them home.

She reached for her back shoulders and rubbed her skin. From the Chx'įįn (dead skin), she molded the Honaagháanii, One Who Walks Around Clan. With them they were given Náshdoi tsoh (Mountain Lion) as their guide and protector, along with a cane made of Turquoise. They're known to be medicine men & women.

Rubbing her breast, she collected the Chx'įįn and rolled them into people who became the Kin Yaa'áanii, Towering House Clan. This clan was given Shash (Bear) as their guide and protector for their trip home. Their cane was made of White Shells. They've became known as great leaders, guides, and teachers.

Rubbing under her right arm, she collected the Chx'įįn and created the Tó Díchii'nii, Bitter Water Clan. With them they were given a cane made of Abalone Shell and Tł'iish Tsoh (Big Snake). Some say it was Diiyóósh (Bull Snake) who brought them back. They later became known as philosophers and educators.

The last clan to be created was from under her left arm, the Hashtł'íshnii, Mud Clan. Dahsání (Porcupine) was given to them as their guide and clan protector. Their cane was made with Black Jet to where they later became wise and skillful hunters.


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