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Signs of A Happy and Healthy Navajo Community in Utah

Photo Credit: Danielle Shirley

Signs of a Happy, Healthy Community

  • Children and elders feel nurtured, loved and secure.
  • All people feel valued; understanding and feeling the importance of their place in the community.
  • The only gossip is “good gossip”; people observe and tell each other the “good thing” they have seen someone doing
  • Trust is given and trust is felt because people tell each other the truth and don’t feel they have to sabotage or pull another person down to build themselves up
  • The community is alcohol and substance free because there is no longer a need to medicate the pain of the past or the hurt of the present
  • Wealth is determined by what you give rather than what you get
  • Cooperation, not competition, is the force behind action.
  • The land and animals are healthy because they are respected as relations
  • All relationships are characterized by a generous spirit that offers help (takes initiative) and follows through with respect, compassion and trust.
  • Doors do not need to be locked
  • Tradition, culture, and spirituality are woven into the fabric of all programs and activities
  • Gratitude for community, family and the land is felt and expressed each day

*S.P.I.R.I.T.S.: strategies for prevention, intervention & resilience in teaching for success.


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