Laughing and Crying

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Laughing and Crying - Tyrell Woolboy

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Laughing & Crying is a gift that was given to us by the Diyin Dine'e, Holy People. They're the ones who incorporated life's journey to endure hardships, hard work, and difficulties but to also include happy memorable moments as a result of it all.

The first language we know and understand is crying. A baby cannot talk for itself, so he/she cries as a sign of discomfort or seeks attention.

The second language we make is in the form of laughing. It's a way we, even as adults, express our emotional feelings.

Laughing is a life task of understanding the meaning of k'é (kinship) in Navajo. When a bent laughs, it shows his initiative step to develop k'é with others. During a first laugh ceremony, relatives greet the child in the correct manner ad they receive the salt.

Giving salt and gifts away at the dinner validates that the cold will have an understanding of love. Being generous to others, sharing what's theirs with kindness.

When the Diyin Dine'e took their positions at the sacred mountains, they looked around to the others and began laughing at one another. While laughing, they greeted each other with k'é. From that laughing sound of the Holy People, relationship and interdependence became known and still exists today.


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