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Food is Sacred - Tyrell Woolboy

Image Credit: Tyrell Descheney


During the summer time, they come flying around and buzzing loudly when it gets too hot outside.

"Eat one of the locusts for protection" is what I was told when I was a teenager by my great grandpa. He told me how his grandma made him eat them.

When the Navajo's first emerged into the 4th World, locust was the first one. There he found many monsters who roamed the lands. They stopped him and ask him where he came and why. He explained what had happened in the previous worlds. They told him the only way he, and the rest of everyone else, could stay and live here was by passing a series of test.

The final test was that of sticking an arrow through his heart, little did they know he had a hole in his heart. He grabbed the arrow and slowly passed it through the hole. The monsters were amazed and allowed them to stay.

So before, Navajo's were encouraged to eat them often whenever they showed up. Reason for doing so was that any bad energy would pass through them like the arrow did with the locust.




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