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Food is Sacred - Tyrell Woolboy

Image Credit: Tyrell Descheney


There are people who live in the air, the birds. There are people who live on the land, humans and animals. There are people who live in the ground, insects and reptiles. Then there are people who live in the water.

When the third world was being flooded with water, all living creatures had climbed through the Giant Reed. Everyone made it but two ladies. This story is about 1 of them. Another story will be for the other.

This story is about the one who said she was going to stay behind and live in the water. With her she took some people to live with her so she won't be lonely. They jumped into the water and became fishes. For her, she turned into what we would call a mermaid. A few others became mermaids.

Before she left, she told the people not to eat seafood or else they'll be eating their own people. That's why Navajo’s were once told not to eat seafood of any kind.

The name to this lady will remain unknown for it may cause a chaos or disturbance among the Navajo people.


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