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Navajo Heritage, Native Stories

Photo Credit: Tyrell Descheny

Navajo Stories and Teachings and Recipes

"When one tells a story, there is reason and purpose behind each one. It is said that the stories themselves are sacred, despite how it is told, it still serves a purpose. The stories, themselves, protect an individual. Many times I have heard how a Navajo shouldn’t go through life without knowing some songs, prayers, stories and jokes. The stories are hidden within the stars, the same one you look at, I also looked at before. Just like how there are many stars in the sky, there are many stories here on earth. Telling them allows us to share a star with someone else." -- Tyrell Descheny

We are so thankful to Tyrell for his contributions to And be sure to check out his facebook page Visit for more stories.

#NavajoHeritage Stories by Tyrell Descheny (aka Tyrell Woolboy)

Traditional Recipes

Thank you to local community members (Aneth, Montezuma Creek, Bluff, Blanding, White Mesa, Red Mesa, MV, ect.) for submitting recipes.

Non-Traditional Recipes

You may have seen these recipes being made on our Instagram stories. Follow us @WeAreNavajo

Vegan Recipes

These recipes were graciously provided by @veganasdzaa on Instagram! Follow her for more yummy recipes!



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