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Urge for Sex

There's more to the story but this is just a small part of it.

In the 3rd World, there was a time when the male and female had separated. The men had crossed the river and settle on the other side. Years had passed and the urge for sex had gotten so strong that women jumped into the river but they were swallowed by the water and drowned.

The urge for sex caused the men to start penetrating animal parts after warming it up and began stroking.

The urge for sex caused the women to start inserting objects such as wood, long stones, and more into themselves.

This was the first people began to masturbate. This was also the first time men and women started to have intercourse with the same gender.

Things started to get out of hand that the Sun did not agree because in Navajo, the Sun Bearer sees everything. He told Owl about what he thought and the Owl also did not agree with what was going on.

One day, while First Man was masturbating, he heard a voice telling him to stop. He looked around and saw no one. He continued and he heard it once more and noticed Owl in the tree. He informed him that if it continued, they were to be struck by lightning and that they had to learn to control themselves.

With the result of women inserting various objects in themselves, they got pregnant. During this time, everything was considered to be alive. When they gave birth, they gave birth to deformed children. They placed the child into trees and shrubs, thinking they would die. Some threw them into the river.

However, the babies did not die. The Sun said as a punishment for doing such wrong doings to themselves, they would survive. These babies later became monsters that would soon harm the Navajo people. The ones thrown in the water became water monsters.


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